Catnyp Consulting was founded by Kevin Keohane.

Kevin has more than 20 years’ experience in brand, marketing, communication and transformation.

He has led the rebrand / transformation of a global Big 4 firm. Delivered employer brands for Coca-Cola. Refreshed vision, mission and values leading to brand transformation for numerous organizations. Led global practices and agencies. And helped senior leadership teams navigate the choppy waters of major culture and organizational change.

He wrote Brand & Talent about purpose-driven transformation that puts brand and culture at the heart of the effort.

He wrote The Talent Journey about aligning the Employer Experience (EX) and the Customer Experience (CX) pretty much before any one else was saying this.

He is dialed in to a global network of some of the world’s best creative directors, designers, copywriters and developers to ensure your efforts hit the mark.

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Let’s build something together.

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